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Electric CarSharing

Electric Carsharing on EVTrader®

Attach the overview for Electric CarSharing on EVTrader® – The Marketplace for Electric Vehicles.

Electric Carsharing is getting Worldwide very populair :


                                         Electric Carsharing Company                    Electric Carsharing Website            
North America      
Canada   Car2Go   car2go.com
    CarShare Atlantic   carshareatlantic.ca
    Community CarShare   communitycarshare.ca
    Evo   evo.ca
USA   BlueIndy   blue-indy.com
    Car2Go   car2go.com
    Carma   gocarma.com
    City Carshare – Bay Area   citycarshare.org
    eGo Carshare   carshare.org
    Ethos Carshare – Denver   ethoscarshare.com
    Ithaca Carshare   ithacacarshare.org
    Modo   modo.coop
    Reachnow   reachnow.com
    Vrtucar   vrtucar.com
    WaiveCar   waivecar.com
    Zipcar   zipcar.com
South America        
Brasil   Zazcar   zazcar.com.br
Mexico   Carrot   carrot.mx
Austria   Car2Go   car2go.com
    Dive Now Vienna   at.drive-now.com
    Fahre Emil   fahre-emil.at
Belgium   Cambio   cambio.be
    Drive Now Bruxelles   be.drive-now.com
    Eco Innovation   eco-innovation.eu
    Zencar   zencar.eu
Czech Republic   Emuj   emuj.cz
Danmark   Drive Now Copenhagen   dk.drive-now.com
France   Autolib – Paris   autolib.eu
    Bluecub – Bordeaux   bluecub.eu
    Bluely – Lyon   bluely.eu
    Cite Lib   citelib.com
    Ubeeqo   ubeeqo.fr
    VULe Partages   clem-e.com
Germany   Book ‘n Drive   book-n-drive.de
    Cambio Carsharing   cambio-carsharing.de
    Caruso Carsharing   carusocarsharing.com
    Die Autonative   die-autonative.de
    Drive Carsharing   drive-carsharing.com
    Drive Now Berlin   de.drive-now.com
    Drive Now Düsseldorf   de.drive-now.com
    Drive Now Köln   de.drive-now.com
    Drive Now Hamburg   de.drive-now.com
    Drive Now München   de.drive-now.com
    e-Carsharing   e-carsharing.net
    e-Wald   e-wald.eu
    Flinkster   flinkster.de
    Fleetster   fleetster.de
    Greenwheels   greenwheels.com/de
    MultiCity Carsharing – Berlin   multicity-carsharing.de
    My e Car   my-e-car.de
    Ökobil   oekobil.de
    Ruhr Auto E   ruhrautoe.de
Ireland   GoCar   gocar.ie
Italy   Car2Go   car2go.com
    Drive Now Milano   it.drive-now.com
    e-Vai   e-vai.com
    Roma Mobilita   romamobilita.it
    Share ‘n Go   sharengo.it
    Til   til.it
    Trenord   trenord.it
    Zemove   zemove.it
Monaco   Mobee Carsharing   mobee.mc
Netherlands   Car2Go   car2go.com
    eCarshare   ecarshare.nl
    Greenwheels   greenwheels.com
    MyWheels   mywheels.nl
    Stichting Limburg Elektrisch   stichtinglimburgelektrisch.nl
Norway   Move About   moveabout.net
Spain   BlueMove   bluemove.es
    Car2Go   car2go.com
    Ibilek   ibilek.es
Sweden   Car2Go   car2go.com
    Drive Now Stockholm   se.drive-now.com
Switzerland   Electric Easy   tellis.ch
United Kingdom   Blue City   blue-city.co.uk
    Co Wheels   co-wheels.org.uk
    Drive Now London   uk.drive-now.com
    e-Car Club – London   e-carclub.org
    LiftShare   carshare.liftshare.com
    Ubeeqo   ubeequ.co.uk
Japan   Orix CarShare   orix-carshare.com
Korea   Socar   socar.kr
Malaysia   Comos – Kuala Lumpur   comos.com.my
Singapore   BlueSG Electric Cars    
Australia   GreenSharecar   greenscharecare.com.au
New Zealand   Cityhop   cityhop.co.nz

*** REMARK : If your Electric Carsharing Company is not present on above list and you want also to be listed, please send email by contact

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