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                          Don’t Text when you Drive !!


The use of Mobile phone in our car is now leading cause of death behind the wheel.
We can’t imaging our lives without the Smart Phone, even when we driving. The moment
we received a message or a notification we immediately want to respond, even we know
we should not do this. Almost all countries have already their own regulations concerning
the use of the Smart Phone during driving, but it still keeps a huge problem to enforce
these regulations at all times.
There are already several tools in the market with innovative solutions to reduce distractions

while driving.


On SafeDriveNow some Best Safe Driving applications you should have installed on your phone :


SafeDriveNow links


Don’t Text & Drive donttextdrive.com
DriveMode drivemode.com
LifeSaver lifesaver-app.com
SafeDrive getsavedrive.com

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Don’t Text when you Drive !!


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